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Tradeshow Amateur

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I've started my new company, and I'm looking to promote it.

The core of the website is funny tees, but will have more to it. Would going to a tradeshow be worth it to promote a site like mine? I have an inventory of shirts.

Would people buy the shirts if I went, or would the just browse?

Normally how expensive is it to be included in a tradeshow?
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For example MAGIC trade show cost between 5k-30k depending on size and location.
Most people at the trade shows are other business owner's like yourself looking to buy new equipment and research the lastest technology/processes.

...I'm assuming you are talking about tradeshows like ISS, etc.
Start local. Festivals, fairs, conventions, arts/crafts , car shows, music shows...anything that will have people who would be YOUR customers for YOUR type of shirts. Locals are sually low cost or free to set up.
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I realize this is an old post but i was wondering if you found any festivals or craft/art shows to sell at in the DFW area? I just started selling at small ones after only selling online and we really enjoy it. i am looking for some more to sell at
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