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Trademark Logo and Name?

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Hello, I want to start a clothing line but wanted to go about it the correct way. My logo is unique but the "name" of the brand isn't. From what I see there isn't another clothing line or brand with the same name BUT since its a common word, I want to go about it the right way before I invest money in an official launch. Does anyone know what steps I have to take in order to get the logo and name trademarked so I can get this ship sailing? Thanks for any info.
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Why the hell you need to open 4 exactly the same topics? I thought I was drunk and i see things multiple times...
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Lol. I'm on my phone and when I went to post it said "error" so I thought it wasnt registering. My fault. You're not drunk. Lol
On the left hand side of this site under Resources, there are several links relevant to what you ask.

There is a reason so many companies makeup weird names and misspellings of words: they are unique, and thus more defensible.
You're not drunk. Lol
How do you know? Shucks, he's holding my logo hostage until I pay him off with beer. Maybe I paid him off already. You don't know! :p
How do you know? Shucks, he's holding my logo hostage until I pay him off with beer. Maybe I paid him off already. You don't know! :p
Damn I totally forgot about that. What is happening with your logo? You didn't updated that thread. :p
May you fine the name with different language that will unique for your society. for example your based UK English but you should translate the name with Italian or another Name
My advice is, Don't worry about applying for a trademark right now until you have a proven established business up and running. Also I won't spend the money upfront, use that to build your brand. Getting a trademark will take you sometime and the trademark office will want to see how the logo and brand is being used before they will consider issuing you a trademark. So get your brand established first. I am assuming you already own the domain name and social media channels. That should be your first step. Don't worry about anyone ripping off your name and logo right now. Building a brand takes time, 3-5 years.

I started my apparel line about a year ago and I am now just getting around to applying for a trademark. The only time someone will want to rip you off, is if they see you're profitable.

Best of Luck.
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