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Trademark infringement overseas

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I thought I would open this tread to see if I can connect with anyone with international trademark and copyright knowledge. I know the basics about the US laws and filing process but would like to meet people with real experience protecting their brand overseas.

Of course I think I have a very catchy brand and that's why I am concerned about copy and trademark infringement overseas. I also lived in Thailand so I know they copy everything.

I did my own trademarks and copyrights online for the US, but am not sure about what sort of protection I would get overseas. I'm mainly concerned about Asia because I showed some of my designs to friends there and they loved them.


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You need to look into international or foreign trademarks. It's probably best to consult an attorney for a professional opinion. Even with domestic IP protection, registering a trademark doesn't prevent others from stealing your work. You need to aggressively enforce your mark through legal action. So I'd imagine the same would be true for international protection. You can apply for the trademark, but without a professional monitoring service, how would you enforce the mark?
My friends like my designs too, at least that's what they tell me. :)

Do you plan to sell overseas? I've never really worried about it because it's not a market for me. If I were a Nike or Addidas then I would be worried, but counterfeiters are not going to bother with the little guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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