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Toyota 850 thread twisting over Hatoomi tube

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Hello, We have a Toyota 850 that we use mostly for caps. (ancient I know, and why its only our sample machine) Lately we get an occasional twist of thread around the "Hatoomi tube" or pickup arm, it only occurs once every 10k-20k stitches, and not always on the same needle.
I'm not sure what would cause this as the thread usually passes through the Hatoomi tube with no issue, and if it does tangle, ts only a single twist, which essentially doubles the thread tension and I can't see it till it causes a thread break error. Does anyone know what i can adjust to stop this happening; I know its an old machine, but maybe someone has had this issue before?
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James, I have an 850 also and have had and are still having the same problem. Javier at Datastitch in Weatherford told me it was because the take up springs were getting weak. He told me to tighten the screw down just a bit and that seems to have helped a bit. Problem is, if you tighten them too much, they will break. Not sure if this helps. :rolleyes:
Thank you! It's a great place to start, I think I will give it a try this weekend, I'll post how it goes.
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