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tote bags on shirt boards

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Hi I am about to do a bunch of tote bags, only white plastisol on black bags...but i would like to know the best way to print on them since it doesn't seem like i can fit the bag over the shirt board and press arm...is there some sort of work around? Should I just lay the bag on top of the shirt board and print only 1 layer of white? thanks for the help!
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You could lay the totes onto your board and do 1 hit on the white but I would recommend putting something inside the tote bag, sometimes compresssed cardboard or aluminum will work. You can spray each side with some mist adhesive so that the bag won't move during the printing process.
If the bags won't fit your standard platen, I'm make up a quickie with some MDF or melamine faced particleboard and rob a bracket temporarily off one of my regular ones just to get the job knocked out. If you try to print with the bag laying on top, there's a good chance the bag will lift with the screen.
From experience, best option is to make a platten that fits the bag. We had to do that in the past. I went to a local cabinet shop and ask them for the sink cut out portion of the cabinet top (it was free, they usually just throw em away) then cut the correct size used the brackets for another platten and printed the totes. Hope this helps.
yeah that's what I'm afraid of...or some slight movement causing a misprint. I have platens of all sizes, but I am printing bags without a gusset so there isn't much depth and the customer wants as large a print as possible.

on another note, for some reaosn I can't seem to find the website for big accessories who distributed toppers as well as many other bag brands...anyone have any idea how to contact them?
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