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Total Textile screenprinting setup for sale - reluctant sale

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Total Screen Printing setup for SALE! With the sale you get 1 Excellent quality ( Gilrow) six colour carousel, (Ally platterns,micro register on one bay), kids platterns, pocket platterns, 250 screens ( 40 % Ally) with racking, Awsome Tunnel dryer, Heat bar flash curer, Heaps of squeegees, a3 scanner, a3 laser printer, commputer ,Dry cleaning gun, Heaps of ink (water based and Plastisol), steel fire proof storage wardrobe. It kills me to sell this stuff as it took so much to get it and its all good stuff, I am a screen printer by trade and this is all pro gear, I want to convert my work shop to a recording studio, my other hobby and my current job is so full on I don't have time to run the buisness any more. I'm in Brisbane Australia. Give me a call on 0433 1973 71 if you want to make an offer. Thanks guys
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