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LaMamaHen said:
I am curious about why so many t-shirt designers/artists/sellers do not relabel.

It depends on who it is who's not doing the relabelling, but to be perfectly blunt I think the leading reason is laziness and the inability to find the resources needed to get it done. Obviously some people view it as unnecessary, others research it and conclude it's not worth it, etc. There are many considered reasons why one could choose not to do it, but I don't think the majority of sellers are making a choice (I'm basing this opinion on my local market, so it may not be applicable to a wider area).

LaMamaHen said:
So, I went with a private label manufacturer and used woven labels. It wasn't cheap.

...which is the reason that some might look into it, then decide not to bother.

LaMamaHen said:
But, from reading many, many, many posts and threads it looks like it doesn't really matter to a lot of your customers. True?

It depends a lot on the market, but I think it's fair to say that a great many customers don't care at all (or even necessarily notice).

Some people have suggested that the original tag could even be a good thing, because it shows you're using a quality brand. Personally I feel that's only true if you're using a trendy sweatshop free brand (like AA), and doesn't help if you're using a good but generic brand (like Hanes). The hip-hop market may be different, I don't know (I get the impression leaving the Luxe label in would be a good thing).

I've said before that I think the biggest reason to relabel is ego. It feels good to have your own label sewn in. Makes you feel more professional, feels nice to achieve something, makes you feel like you've created a better product than your competitors, helps make that final product that little bit more real for you. Ego. It's like having your name in lights. There's nothing wrong with that - we're in business for ourselves to improve our lives. The end goal of making money isn't having a higher number in your bank account, it's using that money to improve your life. Part of improving your life is job satisfaction. If cutting into your profit margins for woven labels makes you happy, then it's worthwhile.

If woven labels don't float your boat, there are sound business reasons for putting them in in some markets, but overall it's probably not necessary. If you were using a cheap Chinese import shirt it would be best to cover the cheap paper label with something more expensive looking, but if you're using a professional blank t-shirt then you're more likely to be relabelling the shirt for yourself than for your customers.

If you are placing shirts into higher end retail, that's different, you'd definitely want to put your own labels in. That said, aa (for example) may have enough cachet now that you could leave those in.

LaMamaHen said:
I am stuck on this topic because we are about to launch some designs for moms and don't have much interest in having woven labels with our logo sewn in because we're just testing the market and designs.

If you're testing the market and don't have an interest in getting labels sewn in... I wouldn't get labels sewn in.

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