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The best resource to learn how to increase conversion rates is webmasterworld.com with out a doubt, wealth of knowledge there but I will try and grace you with some of mine :)


1. Your biggest problem is you have no ZOOM image. The customer needs to see the design much larger.

2. The PayPal shopping cart sucks. I use PayPal but just to checkout.. you have ZERO control on your conversion rate here. The cart is the biggest factor that affects conversions. DON'T open in a new browser window. If the person has added something to the cart you want them to continue to pay not be distracted elsewhere on your site. If you had your own shopping cart software you could upsell in the cart to cross promote products. Not always a good thing to do but a possibility.

3. Customer Confidence.
* Who are you?
* Where in the world are you?
* Where do you ship to?
* What's your return / privacy policy.
* How much does shipping cost?
* How can I get hold of you if something goes wrong? Phone number / email/ contact forms.
* I have questions, I need help where's your FAQs.

All these questions need to be easily answerable from the cart.

Limit the links in your cart - just the important ones. If you end up with a side menu throughout your side don't include that in your cart template it will only make people click around and not buy.

4. Ditch the PayPal Add To Cart buttons, they are white, boring and bland and do not draw me to them. Visit buttongenerator.com and make some that stand out. Red, orange works well.

Try changing the placement of them. Put them on the right hand side.

5. Your t-shirts lack descriptions about the design. Who do they appeal to? What market.. if I flaming skull t-shirt appeals to a biker say that. It's good search engine food nonetheless.

6. If you haven't got traffic, pay for it. It's the quickest way to learn why you are not converting. Target individual t-shirts as they all have different markets. Then WATCH your stats carefully. If they are coming and going ask yourself why, or ask me.

7. Add more t-shirts. You don't have to go crazy with your stock but you need variety. It increases sales not because you have more products but because people are more confident and can chose the best t-shirt of the bunch.

What happens when you walk in an empty shop?

8. What measurements are your sizes in? Inches, MMs, CMs, or elephants?

9. It's taken me this long to find your FAQs.. make them stand out. Put your menu bar above the fold.

10. You put your phone number on your about us page.. try putting it on the top right of every page. An 0800 number would be better but it's a start.


Things you have got right:

1. Stock level indicator. Although it's all in HTML this is going to be a nightmare for you to update.

2. Sales. It will urge people to purchase quicker but obviously it isn't working. Revise your sale. Maybe $$ off not % off. Or free shipping on first order, % off first order.

3. I definately like the background on the Bait site. The shadowing is nice.. it draws me into the t-shirt. Maybe try something similar on your Brand site.

4. Bait site shows design view as a thumbnail. It's much easier to see what the design is and is likely to convert better although they only link to one type of tee, maybe offer the design on more than one type.


You seem to be investing in a lot of stock. If that becomes an issue just put up a design, see if you get orders for it, and work in a Just In Time fashion. Make the customer aware of the lead time. This will give you a much healthier shop and very little investment.


"Each shirt is printed by Norm in limited quantities. Click on the shirt to see how many are left. "

This is negative. It's purpose is to make people buy quicker but you are telling them to see how many you do not have. Look at how Threadless do it. Maybe, "Limited quantities, going fast, buy now" sort of thing.. but with more effort ;)


That's it.. I've tried to be truthful. Don't look at my post as being negative I've tried to really give you a helping hand. If you need an further help just PM me I'm always keen to help.
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