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Hello Norm.
From a marketing standpoint, I really can't give you any advice.
But as a common costumer and an observator I can.

Your shirts have very proffesional designs! They are all very, very well designed and look quite wearable.
The thing is, they are all selling NORM. And...Who is Norm (bear with me, I know it's you ;P)?
Thats the question people are going to ask themselves.
"Why should I buy from this site a shirt that says "Norm"?
You need to market your name as a brand. Build a strong base so then you can sell people stuff with NORM plastered all over them.
At least thats the way I see it, in my personal view.

Now, I could deffinately see these shirts sellling at Old Navy or some place like that!
Its different when these kinds of shirts sell at stores, cuz people dont usually go into the store especiffically looking for the shirt.
In a website, its a bit different. Going to a webite, specificaly to buy "Norm Wear" is a little bit tricky if people don't know what is "Norm".

Its like...as if Google started selling tshirts with "google" on them, but back when they started. You bet few people would've bought them. But now they have built such a strong brand name that people would even buy a nutritional candy bar with the name "google" on it.

Bottom line: Don't give up and if what you are sellinghas to do with your brand name...build a strong name.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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