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tips for mutliple-sheet design transfer??

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I want to conquer this beast....

Planning to make shirt today, and though my 9x12 is a good size... i want this mutha to be IMPRESSIVE!

I'm thinking at least two sheets, but hope that someone may have some guidance as to how to lay it out, mark it off, plot it or something to prevent misalignment, etc, etc.

(keep in mind material wise i have a home office and some normal stuff in the garage)

I'm goin big! :D :D :D :D :D
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what part of ca are you in. I am up in Stockton, I just sold my 9 x 12 press on ebay that got me started. Now have 15 x 15.. So you doing hot peel and using 2 sheets. You should not have a problem Are you using iron all, mira cool or standard hot peel (Yuck!) I guess we the viewers would have to see the design your doing to really give you an idea.
check it..

i'm in Fullerton BTW...

not sure the brand of paper im working with, it came when i got my press of ebay, ive had great luck with it so far hot peelin on mousepads...

mostly worried about best way to not fry the first sheet's transfer when applying the second sheet....

the design is below... shirt maybe not as complex (my avatar for example, no background tiling)

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I havent gotten any feedback on this...

Lou? you got some tips for me? I attached my logo I have in mind fo rthe shirt... but the forum has knocked it down to a link.. not my doing...

Wanted to get this done a week ago, so any help would be GREAT!!

Thanks in advance!
hm... lets try this again then... odd I've never had a tinypic link go bad....

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trying to understand you mutha question here. :)

to print a JUMBO size decal larger then your press, make 2 transfers, aligh-marks, press 1, line up the second, then press it.

You can cover the entire thing with teflon as you press the second time. This will ensure no direct contact with your top heat press plate.

May need to add a few more seconds to press time when using teflon and let it cool before you remove the teflon.

Is this what you were asking about ?
pretty much!!

Thank you for you advice!

i guess im concerned with how to prefedtly align between two hot peel sheets and how to avoid ruining the previously pressed sheet...

what ive decided is, i guess i gotta jump the shark!

We'll see how it goes!

Thanks everybody.
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what is jumping the shark?
badalou said:
what is jumping the shark?

(the term wasn't correctly used in this case, so it would be hard to pick up from context)
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