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I need some help on an image I am trying to print to make a screen. This is what I have;

23 x 31 156 mesh screen
Ryonet 13 x 19 transparencies
Epson R1400 printer
Illustrator CS4

I made an artboard of 19 (wide) by 26 (length), placed the image into it, and resized it to fit. The actual image is about 17 x 25 give or take.

Obviously I cant fit that size of an image on one 13x19 transparency, so I went into the print settings for AI and set the paper to Super 13x19, made it landscape, also "do not scale" and "tile image" I set the overlap to "0". The problem I am having is that where the pages meet it is chopping about an inch of the image out so the transparencies dont match up correctly?

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Thank you for any help.
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