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Tight collar shirts

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Hello All, I have a customer who is requesting a tight collar shirt. Any ideas?? I have read through some of the other discussions and they are pretty dated. What are some of your favorites?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!:)
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The only brand I know of that has tight collars are Pro-Club.
Thanks! I already set up an account!:)
well you can go through different web links or blogs over the internet and the one example which i think is will be quit helpful to you is shirtsmyway
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proclub. they may require you purchaes 12 at a time of the same size, style and color though.
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I am also looking into Pro Club.
I would love your feedback on them. I have been looking for a heavyweight, long fitting, soft shirt with a tight collar ... ever since the Jerzee ZT was discontinued.

Also, just heard about Shaka, they look pretty nice.


Would hope to spend $4 or less on a shirt, but if they're worth it... I would love to know.
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