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Thundermonkey in the house!

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Hi Guys,

Thundermonkey here, looking for hints and tips on getting my shirts to a wider audience. I've been dabbling on the 3rd party sites since 2006 and seriously since 2007.

I started on comboutique.com but have had trouble getting commission paid i.e. have never received any. Since then I've found my home on Redbubble.

My shirts were mainly aimed at a small captive audience of football (soccer) fans in my home town. However, as my confidence has grown and as my self taught techniques have expanded I've moved into other areas.

I've got a couple of designs I'm fairly proud of, especially one called Air Diego. It's proved to be pretty popular over on Redbubble, to the point that Google searches show up a number of rip offs. To combat this I'm on a mission, setting up shops on all the various sites and taking down the copy cat versions.

I was featured in a blog once which was a thrill as was seeing one of my Redbubble Air Diego shirts pop up on MercatoLibre, the South American eBay.

With a second baby on the way I forsee a lull in my creative output so I'm here to find out ways of marketing the hell out of my back catalogue. I've tried before but new ideas keep getting in the way!
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