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thread pilling up

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I have a ricoma machine 2006. The color thread keeps piling up under the material. I finely got the bobbin thread adjusted now this. Does anyone have any ideas. I purchased the machine from company going out of business and have been trying to learn on my owe. SO no I have not gone to any schools.
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Do you mean you are getting a "bird's nest" of thread?
yes but under the material. to were it will back up in to the bobbin.
Double check your upper thread path and that the thread is going through the tension discs, then clean out the bobbin housing area to make sure you don't have threads laying in there.
Clean everything very carefully. Probably there is a piece of thread wound around something and you aren't seeing it. Look behind the hook area. That is usually where the offending thread is hiding.
DCDesign thanks I found were the thread must have come lose and I did not thread it correctly. and lizzie thanks I had done that twice when the thread got all hooked up the bobbin area. but I am double checking anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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