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I've been using the NL3600 and LAT3905 for men's shirts and really like them. Women's v-necks that aren't too fitted has been the challenge. I used the LAT 3507 with complaints that the red smalls are very small which I did notice while printing and I did get called out on it.

I'm now looking at the District Made Perfect Weight v-neck DM1170L. I can't find much here on the forum. Does anyone have any reviews? They read a 32 thread count(great). District Made because they are not as fitted as the District Thread line and a little more forgiving like the LAT's?

I've also noticed that some of the different colors of the LAT's are a little more rough depending on the color. Disappointing. The District Made shirts are more expensive than the ladies Next Levels which I love but they are too fitted. I wish NL made a ladies relaxed shirt. Basically a ladies, soft, not deep v-neck t-shirt.
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