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Hey there, it looks like you've got your market narrowed down pretty well. The actual store seems easy enough to navigate.

On first glance, there are a couple of areas I think could be improved:

- most importantly, you should immediately get rid of the "stealth" or "hidden" domain redirect that you're using to forward users from thiqk.com to your cafepress store. There are a few reasons behind this, the biggest reason being that shoppers that are using the default installation of Internet Explorer will not be able to add products to their shopping cart because of a browser "security feature". You could be losing out on sales because of this. It also makes it harder for people to see what web address they are actually at.

- get rid of the initial splash page with the flash animation. It slows the shopper down from seeing your t-shirt designs and can waste their time (many people on slower connections --and even fast ones-- get annoyed by flash animations at the beginning of a site). At the very very least, you should make watching it optional by providing an easy way to skip the movie

- The text in your newsletter signup box in the left hand column of your store is the same color as the background in that box, so a person can't read the text about what they are subscribing to. You can change this in the store customization area of cafepress. This also spills over into the shopping cart pages in your store (the pink text is the same as the pink background, so people will have a hard time seeing the details of what is in their basket.

- I'm pretty sure that t-shirts and other apparel are better sellers than the totebags, and tile boxes. If that's correct for your store, then you should put your best selling items on the top part of the pages so they are easy to find. You can rearrange items in your cafepress store management area.

- You should go through and make sure all your graphics display correctly on the products. In at least one section of the shop, some of your logos are bleeding past the product edge and will be cutoff if a person buys it: http://www.cafepress.com/thiqkonline/1054694

I think with the right marketing, you could turn thiqk into a strong brand. It looks like you're heading in the right direction.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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