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Thinking of trying small format dye sublimation

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Hi everyone thinking of trying out dye sublimation so I'd like to hear your thoughts. Preferably I do not want a cis but just a good printer and what you prefer for paper ink? (Chromo, sawgrass, etc)

Thinking of doing small quantity mugs, aluminium prints (tiles/iphone/ipad cases/etc)

Any and all help is appreciated

Tim H.

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For what you wanting to do chromoblast won't work its pigment ink for heat transfer to garment and mouse pads. Artanium or sublijet is sublimation ink and will work. There are few 8.5x11 printers supported by sawgrass if your going the cartridge route. Just starting out you may want to start there as technically they are the only small format supplier of ink. There are suppliers from china but you have to do some homework and lots of testing. I use products from laser reproductions as they have their own coating facility, reasonably priced blanks, paper works well, and it doesn't hurt they are close with 1 day shipping as long as I order before 2 or 3.
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