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Thinking about purchasing M&R Sidewinder (need advice)

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Hey all,

I'm looking in to purchasing a used (sort of) M&R Sidewinder. It has been assembled, but the owner says it hasn't been used as he determined "screen printing wasn't for him." So..."assembled," but not "used."

It is a 4 color, 4 station with side clamps. I've determined that a similar unit could be had for about $4500 + crating/shipping.

Does anyone have any good suggestions as to what I should offer for the press??? (His asking price is $2995, which seems like a decent deal...but I thought I'd ask the screen printing community before proceeding!!)

Thanks in advance!
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2995 is an excellent price for that machine. i have a 6 color 6 station and i love it. i also have a 6 color 4 station. the sidewinder is one of the best manuals out there. M&R is a great company to deal with also
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