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Thinking about NeoFamily's success.

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Good morning NeoFamily.
Sunday morning, stay in hotel room drinking room service coffee, TV is on can be peaceful or boring. I left Philly earlier to make important meeting on Monday early morning. Couldn't afford miss meeting cause by snow storm.
I never stop thinking how to lead NeoFamily to the success. When I facing drop towels it really sadden me. Business is not easy but not that hard too. We see so many successors and many disappearing.
I want to share one NeoFamily's success this morning.
SEO listed. pay for click at 2nd page with Eye catching Title. FREE! $$, Discounted, Money back bla bla.
Printed sexy woman underwear(Very Hot), Phone case(Very Hot), printed Bra, printed Shoes, pat clothes, teddy bear shirts, Sox, --etc are his speciality.
NOT JUST SHIRTS(Keyword) which have many competitions and fighting with Price tag etc. Business phone never Rings itself. Make it ring please.
This guy reached $3.5mil in 2.5years from one Neo. You can do it too :)
Just hit doors. Doors are there to open. Nothing to lose but gain.
Mean while ask me help to reach your goal. I will do almost all to support you. Ask me questions I will share my 30years experience without hold back. NeoFamily have better chance to win over competitors are fact. Take this privilege and get that Crown.
Cheers! Inks are on me always. What else should be on me to bring you to upper hand?
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T-shirt selling is competitive, no doubt. Aiming for other products makes sense.

One free secret to SEO? Stop thinking like a 25 year old guy. Think like a 65 year old grandmother.

Sell custom gifts on your website. Don't only have an online store, run a blog where you take photos of the gifts with a lot of descriptions. Teddy bears is fantastic. Easy to cut and sew DTG printed cotton.

Send all your local fitness gyms a free towel with their logo. Ask them to display it for their clients. Small cleanup towels are popular.

Both of these items are white cotton. The first one is a big upsell, can make $15 profit on each piece and produce 15-20 per hour. The second one isn't a huge profit, but no sewing. That's $4-5 profit each but you can produce 40 an hour (smaller print area).

Keep the machine busy. Plan your print schedule up to 3 weeks in advance. Contact old customers daily using a simple recipe card box. Take customer card in front, email them, put it in the back. Then do the next card that's in the front. Offer deals to get them hungry again. Add every new customer who just inquires to the recipe card box. Email 3% of your cards every day. 2-5% response guaranteed.

Print a business card with your contact information on the front, and an ad on the back. Offer a free shirt with logo for bars and restaurants and retail stores to display and sell to their fans. One shirt, white, costs you $2 in supplies. Help businesses make money and they'll flock to you.

If you sit at your office doing nothing, you lose. A boxer has to get in the ring, every day.
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If you owe me money I will sleep well. Lol.
Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I do have big respect that you are not afraid to share your part secret with NeoFamily. Small minded people are so afraid that copy cat might hurt them. See Big, Aim High.
SamSung CEO said "World is Big, opportunities are unlimited""satisfaction/happy on current status is poison on future"
NeoFamily, today I hope you will find the time to look back yourself.
Your post here will boost your motivation.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
Excellent words
It is not enough to be in he field, if you want to be a winner you need to play (and play hard)

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Do underwear pls. His V day sales were $xxx,xxx
Underwear only. Birthday? Husband's surprise?
Wife treat?
Cheers! Take that panties. And phone covers.


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I'm definitely building an underwear platen this week, already. Excellent product line for my artwork.
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For NeoFlex so easy to make platens. I think we talk same language? Lol.
Cheers! I am very happy you making a move.
No DTG business owner is anal like me. I feel like I am your pain in a axx but hey will I stop? Never.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.


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You can knock out 5-6 panties at one pass.
Make many platens and sell to NeoFamily.
Cheers! Panties are moneys
good idea I might cut up a pantie platen too. Still havent got the hoops manufactured for the others I made but it is working OK without. The hoop ensures no head strikes though.
good idea I might cut up a pantie platen too. Still havent got the hoops manufactured for the others I made but it is working OK without. The hoop ensures no head strikes though.
Jeff, I want to give you a tip.
1. L shape long aluminum rail 1/2" cut any size you want.
2. Buy L hinge. Use this to connect #1s. (1.5" or 2". 1/2 inch wide.
3. You already have plastics.
So easy to make.
Make many platens. Sox, Panty, all~. AA can do this very easy but I want to see NeoFamily make some money. Don't want to collect every money available. You can win Livingstone by price and quality. Don't forget sweet spot of PriceTag. AA may buy from you also.
There are some NeoFamily who never support actually hurting AA and just enjoying privilege of best service and NeoFamily supports but your supports have been endless. Thank you Jeff. AA owes you.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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This coolest DYI I saw. You can win any pro platen makers.
Living stone? Piece of cake. :)
Cheers! Always Action not keep drawing only.


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I met One Success NeoFamily at ISS long Beach show. I was near to cry because I was so happy. Company Name is The Dream Junction. He start with One NeoFlex and 3 yesrs later he owns 7Kornits and going to buy Aeoon.
He came to Nazdar booth where Aeoon was displayed. He didn't say anything but questioning about Aeoon. After our conversation finished He said quietly to me he still is a NeoFamily.:). It really touched my heart.
I want to see more of these case. Please make your goal high. Comfortable is enemy of success. Do social media crazily, invest on SEO, Internet software, work flow.
If there any help need from me Don't hesitate to contact me. I am your father I want your success.
Cheers! Successes are on me always.
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