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Thinking about buying a epson 1440, some advise needed

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I have a designjet 5500 that I use for my LFP work, and a epson 3000 that has been sitting in my basement for over a year, I was thinking about converting the epson into a dye sublimation machine, but yesterday I found someone selling a 1440 on craigslist for 140$. He's told me it works perfectly but I'm a bit weary.

should I buy the Epson and try my hand at sublimation printing?or should I stick with the 3000?

if I get into screen printing at a later date should i keep the 3000 for printing transparencies?

what would I need to convert the 1440 into a sublimation machine?

This is the first time I'm thinking about doing sublimation, I currently have a 15" heat press I'm using to do easyweed transfers.
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Epson printers work well for sublimation. You will need a set of cleaning carts which you will use to flush the ink system to prepare for the sublimation inks. And a new set of carts for the sublimation inks. Pretty much that is all you need to convert, but the problems you will face are clogging issues with the sublimation inks. You will have to stay on top of it so you don't lose a print head that often.
Honestly my best advice to give you would be to not convert the Epson. By the time you get the cleaning carts and the new dye sub inks, and a proper color profile and a pack of paper and a few items to dye sub, you are still stuck with an old printer that will clog every time you turn around. I went through the same thought process as you. I wanted to try it long ago and a friend had one that kept clogging. So I passed on the whole idea. Then I was given a large format Epson. An older model that was already clogged. I would have to convert it to dye sub. The cost isn't worth it. Look into the new Ricoh SG 3110DN as a starter kit.
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