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I had planned to have everything up and running in 3 weeks, that was back in Feb!
Faulty heatpress, Tshirts ordered (and paid for) but out of stock, Paper ordered (and paid for) but out of stock, Due to chosen paper out of stock Ive had to change from self weeding to cutter (which required more research) workshop taking ages to build (hubby got distracted with his car!).

BUT I think I am there?? Just waiting on my JPSS paper to turn up, Vinyl, and Cutter plotter.
Oh bugger, just realised my computer guy hasn't got me my Photoshop/illustrator yet!

I have;
Heatpress (plus Teflon sheet)
Epson WF + Ciss
pigment ink
Upgraded Laptop
Postage bags
100's of Tshirts

On its way;
Cameo Cutter
JPSS paper

What am I missing??

Thank you to all that have helped me so far!


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Good luck. I am in a very similar place as you. I've been setting up my business for the past few months (thinking on the outset it would be more like weeks). In truth, I am already operating, but supplying local shops with resort tshirts. I'm setting up my own line of fashion tshirt designs to sell online through my own domain and ecommerce site.

This is my first business and every step has been a learning experience fraught with anxiety, hope, despair, hope, worry, and hope. Delays have been many (never underestimate how many delays come pop up in any project when scheduling and making time projections!).

My great ambition is to find success at the end of the road as it is with most of us here - to turn this great craft that is enjoyable and a pain in the *** into something that generates a good income!

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You sound like you understand my pain!!
The Easter Holidays held me up too, as I have 4, 6 and 8 year old boys (lol so I really need more stress in my life!), plus I work T,W,Th,F.

Good luck with your business and I hope the Tshirts start flying out asap.
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