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Think I decided on DK20S. Where?

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Where is the best place to pick up a DK20S. I have been surfing craigslist and watching ebay long enough, I need to jump in and get a good press. 90% of the pressing will be to press items to promote our businesses (I know the margins...) and the rest of the pressing will be to dye sub onto leather ( one of our businesses involves leather work).

Basically, who would you buy the press from? Anybody running any specials. I also plan to pick up a vinyl cutter, leaning towards a GCC Puma III 24" to make decals and what not.

We will be set up for Dye Sub both laser and high temp ink, plan to do transfers for cheap t shirts.

I have looked for presses locally, people either want WAY too much for them or have junk presses.

Thanks for looking, and if any sponsors can give me a deal on a Geo knight DK20S let me know! Also, if anyone has suggestions on what to buy with it (pillows, t shirt square, whatever) I am open to suggestions.
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Conde, coastal or direct from DK. Get a stand with it.

I have to ask though, how are you going to dyesub on leather?
I would recommend the DK20. $300 cheaper and functions just the same as the DK20S.
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