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I have had a DTG for six years now. I have had the original one and now the M2

I have learned a lot about this machine in the past six years. I am still learning.
When there are issues with the ink it can only be a few things. Either your dampers are dirty. Your printhead is bad. Your capping station is not functioning properly.
It is very rare that your lines get clogged. If you use the machine on a daily basis this will almost never happen. It is also extremely rare that it is the computer parts, fuses or anything internal. Most of the issues I read on here are due to print quality.

There are several things that people do not take into account before changing parts.
1- If you are printing a large job that requires a lot of white ink. Head cleanings have to be done every eight prints. If it is not the bottom of your printhead will get a build up of white ink and it will cause problems. Splattering, ink starvation are the main ones. If this happens you must stop and manually clean the printhead. I mean by that is with a clean cloth pour some cleaning solution onto a clean cloth and press it to the bottom of the printhead. Do not wipe. Just hold it there. Then do a couple of head cleanings. If it doesn't solve the issue. Let your printhead soak in the cleaning solution, parked on the capping station for a least a half an hour.

2- Humidity plays a huge part in printing. The machine will not operate properly if your humidity is below 50 percent in your shop. I keep mine between 50 and 60. When it gets less you can print but you will need to crank up your white ink to 100 percent in the rip software. This does not always do it. Keep humidifiers running to keep your shop at 50 to 60. I live in a cold state in the winter and it is a must. You will experience ink starvation the worse your humidity is.

3- Change your wiper blade every two to three months. Even if you think it is clean, it is not. Ink builds upon it that you can't see unless it is under a strong light. It will form a light film over it and it will not wipe the bottom printhead properly. Cause discoloration in your prints or worse.

4- Keep encoder strip clean along with the rails where the printhead moves back and forth. Ink sprays out in a light mist that you can't see. Over time it builds upon these areas.
Those large white strips that are printed on the shirt are a result of dirty rails. Once the printhead stops moving in sync with the software it will cause issues with your prints.

There are many things you can do before changing costly parts. There are ways to check if your capping station is sealing and working properly.
There are ways to check your dampers. Removing them and flushing them out with a syringe until they are clear.

I have learned so much from tech support in the past six years. I see some negative posts on here about coldesi. However, I can assure you they have an outstanding tech support group. That is free to there customers.

I have had every issue I read about on here with the M2. Ones that I never had until this year. I'm always learning something new.
It usually is not a bad printhead or capping station. Unless you eliminate the basics first it will cost you thousands in parts.

Some basic tips
Clean, clean, clean. Way more than they say. I flush out the machine every three to four months. New spit pad every two months. New wiper blade every two months. Change your wims filter every month. I have gotten two years out of dampers.

Sorry this is so long, take care
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