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Saw a lot posts about using a flash unit to cure water based inks and platisol and thought this might help my fellow newbies with this process. A digital temp reader is a must if using a flash unit to cure. I just purchased one for 20 plus shipping. It also reads min, max, continues, features as well a both temp types F & C

The link to harbor freight is below, they have other brands and styles as well, and there are other places to buy but this was a good price based on my searches, which ever one you like is fine by me but I'm learning myself and flashing is what I'm practicing now, I absolutely needed this for temp control, already caught the temp on my shirt shoot up to 353 and had to stop and raise the flash to 8 inches to avoid scorching.

Infrared Thermometer
ITEM # 93984

Just point the laser at the intended surface and this non-contact Infrared Thermometer instantly measures temperatures from a distance
It's sometimes called a laser thermometer, because you use the built-in laser to target the surface, but actually it's an infrared thermometer that measures electromagnetic radiation coming from the surface. It's the safest way to measure temperatures in hazardous areas (like automobile engines or other machinery), hard-to-reach places and other areas where a non-contact digital thermometer makes the most sense. LCD backlit display reads to 1/10 of a degree in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 40-hour battery life.

Professional-quality, infrared technology at an excellent value
Temperature range: -27° to 482° F (-33° to 250° C)
Accuracy: greater of +/- 4° F (2° C) or 2% of reading
Distance-to-spot ratio: 6:1
Exclusive ergonomic trigger control
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