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Thermofilm with no backing?

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A friend gave me a 30" wide roll of white Thermo-Film. She couldn't figure out how it worked, so she gave it to me to experiment with.

So far I've mostly done sign vinyl, using FDC or Arlon vinyl. I've done one t-shirt order for my softball team using vinyl from Imprintables Warehouse. That shirt vinyl was really easy to work with, easy to cut and weed, no problems at all.

But this Thermo-film is different. There's no backing to it, so if I cut it with my vinyl cutter (Graphtec CE5000-60) won't the vinyl just fall apart? I saw a pdf with vinyl letters taped together, but that just doesn't make sense to me. The material feels more like a roller shade for a window than it does shirt vinyl.

Can anyone explain this stuff to me? I'm new to the shirt decorating gig so I have a lot to learn.

Thanks in advance for the help,
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Check out the video in the middle of the page here, www.stahls.com/cad-cut-thermo-film. This should explain it.
This video refered to a carrier. I'm thinking you could make your own carrier using Magic Mask, or a low tack mask. Cut the vinyl to the length you need,apply the mask to the bottom. Your sure it is heat applied vinyl? My .02 Mike
The thermofilm you have does not have a carrier. It is intended for hand cutting, water jet cutting or laser cutting. In order to feed the film through a knife style cutter you will need it mounted to a carrier sheet. The CAD-CUT Thermofilm is the correct product as it comes pre-mounted to the carrier.

If your friend ordered it recently, they should call customer service to inform them and get it swapped out.
Thanks everyone for your replies.
I talked to my friend, and I think she's going to try and return it for something different. She bought it in March. I don't know the particulars on why she didn't just try and return it to begin with, but that's not my problem. :)

Thanks again for the replies everyone!
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