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From traditional and religious designs to seasonal humor, The WildSide offers a broad selection of Christmas/holiday screen printed plastisol and rhinestone transfers in a variety of art styles to appeal to all ages.

Transfers include sparkling glitter ornaments, angels, and snowflakes, and even rhinestone sports balls with Santa hats! There also are fresh, fun holiday sayings like “Don’t Be A Snowflake,” “It’s not Christmas until I’ve had my coffee,” and “I just want to have ‘ABS’ solutely all the Christmas cookies.” And graphics like “Elfie Selfie,” “Christmas Wiener Dog,” “Christmas Skull,” and “Santa’s Pit Crew” make creating gifts with a personal touch for your customer’s special someone fast and easy. New designs are continually being added; so check back often to see what’s new.

The full-front designs are high-definition plastisol screen printed transfers with the softest feel once heat-applied. Transfers will last for 50 washes. Orders placed by 1 p.m. Pacific time are shipped the same day.

To view the full selection of Christmas/holiday designs go to http://bit.ly/ws-christmas

The company offers more than 7,000 stock designs and inventories more than 10 million transfers, so no matter what your need, you’ll find it at The Wild Side.

For more information, contact The WildSide at 881-837-5000; 800 421-3130; fax: 818 365-6667; [email protected] or visit www.thewildside.com.

The Wild Side, a GroupeSTAHL company, offers stock heat transfers in 30 categories as well as rhinestone motifs, sequin motifs, mixed media motifs, large biker patches, and loose rhinestones. Accessories include heat presses, foil, transfer paper, and reusable cover sheets. Custom designs also are available.


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