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The simplest program for designing T-shirts for Amazons Merch program

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As a beginner I was wondering all of the following which one of these software is the easiest to use for designs on T-shirts on Amazons Merch program Inkscape , Gimp , Vectr or another. I am looking for a free program that I can create templates for and also make a transparent background.
I have been wondering why there are not other templates for download on Merch’s template download page ? E.g. Inkscape , gimp , Vectr as well as others. Mainly because I as well as many others either cannot afford the ones on Merch's website or find them too complicated.
I am not looking for a fancy website just one that will be accepted by Merch.
Thanks to everyone Craig
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Other than the PopSocket template (because it has lines to represent the safe area and bleed zones), I wouldn't bother with MBA templates. All you need to do is create a workspace / blank image in your application that is 15" x 18" (and be sure to export at 300 dpi when the art is done) for a vector application, or 4500 x 5400 dpi for a raster application.

You can use virtually ANY graphics program to make MBA designs. Saving as a .png with transparent background is something any real application can do.

I think vector is easiest to work with, for the kinds of designs people tend to do (more text than art). Inkscape is the open source / free vector program. I use CorelDraw, but that's because I started using it over 20 years ago for work.

The main thing you need to know about MBA is to read the content policies. Print the content policies. Read them every time you are about to create a title and description text for a listing, not to mention the art itself. A lot of people don't figure out what those policies actually mean in practical terms and get their account closed. While you are at Tier 10, review of your designs will take longer because EVERY one of your designs will get looked at by an actual human. To avoid making the same stupid rejection earning mistake several times in a row, never submit your next design until the previous one has passed review (by "never", I mean while in Tier 10). You are expected to learn from your T10 mistakes and the rejections given to you by MBA. Failure to learn will result in DEATH! (of your account).

The other thing is to bring some passion, interest, and knowledge of something with you and do designs about those things. Simply copying the copy of a copy of a copy .... 10,000 times gets no one anywhere and contributes nothing to the world. The people making impressive looking $ doing this are busting their butts (in one way or another). There are easier ways to make more money, a job being one of them.

If you got to this point from watching YouTube videos, bleach your mind watching Star Trek reruns, or some such, and forget 99% of that nonsense. Those people are trying to monetize their YouTube channel and/or are selling tools, courses, bullpoop of some sort. Selling T-shirts on PODs is the new Tulip mania, get rich quick scheme. Adjust your expectations.

All that said, with an ability to learn from your mistakes (and the mistakes of others), no small amount of luck, a healthy dose of passion, and the patience to stick with it long term, you might be one of the people who makes MBA work. Most of the hype you see will be aimed at the BSR, copy, improve cat, scalable niche end of things. I honestly think 99% of that is utter bullpoop. I encourage you to create designs that you want to wear, that people you know want to wear, designs that you create from who you are and what you care about. I know different people doing well with one or the other of those approaches, but I couldn't be bothered to take the first approach, as it would just be a low-paying grind of a job, as compared to creating things I enjoy and earning some $ along the way.


Oh, and make damn sure you don't do the typo and leave the "R" out of shiRt ... that would chalk up a rejection ;-)

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