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Back from the Dead...kinda!

Greetings everyone, Rodney wassup! Have not stopped through in quite sometime 116719 posts later...lol

I'm glad to see the forum is just as strong & even better!

My clothing line, Pharaonic Brand Designs has been doing exceptionally well since I launched my website 2 years ago. I have my corporate apparel industry experience & this awesome forum to thank for it's success.

I am currently considering purchasing a small start-up shop setup to print my own designs, because plain & simple I hate paying for things I know how to do, the only dilemma is I often hear from other designers that make that move is that they transition into a printing business, which is not so bad if you make money, but it's an expensive learning curve sometimes.

Anyways I'll be researching & seeking advice before I decide on this step.

looking forward to reconnecting with ol forum mates & meeting new ones

check out my website
Get Back to Greatness - Pharaonic

facebook biz page
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