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The PAS Store Offers Hotmark Revolution Low Temp Cutter Vinyl

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Hotmark Revolution, offered by The PAS Store, is a vinyl cutter material that is designed to apply at a low temperature making it ideal for heat-sensitive fabrics. It can be applied to cotton, polyester, acrylic and nylon at temperatures as low as 230 degrees F.

Because it is only 80 microns thick, it has soft hand and is stretchy. With the exception of silver, gold and rose gold, it has a matte finish. If pressed correctly, it relieves press marks on polyester. It can be peeled hot or cold.

It has a light tack liner for easy weeding and it can be layered. It comes in a 15-inch wide roll.

For additional information, contact The PAS Store via phone at 1-877-850-7179 or email [email protected].


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