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Coats Trusew Polyester Continuous Filament Paper Sided Bobbins, available from The PAS Store, are designed to minimize embroidery production headaches.

Trusew bobbin thread has a unique tack chemistry and an engineered profile to provide smooth, uniform draw-off tension. Its precision-cut, clinically pressed sides allow for instantaneous braking. Paired with end-to-end payout throughout the bobbin thread length, this translates to uniform tension and stitch formation, with no overspin, birds’ nests or rejects.

This makes predicting the number of seams that can be sewn per bobbin easier. It is wound in a crisscross pattern on a disposable cardboard spool. No thread winding is required, and the expense and maintenance of metal bobbins are eliminated.

The PAS Store offers Coats Trusew Polyester Continuous Filament Paper Sided "L" Bobbins (white, 132 yards, 144-count box); Coats Trusew Polyester Continuous Filament Paper Sided "M" Bobbins (white, 235 yards, 144-count box); and Coats V-15 Continuous Filament Polyester Bobbins, with core and sides, for large areas and applications such as badge-making (more than 130 yards per bobbin).
To learn more, go to https://goo.gl/pELs2Q.
For additional information, contact The PAS Store via phone at 1-877-850-7179 or email [email protected].


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