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The New Print Shop is a Waste

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Man, has anybody bought this garbage? We've used older versions of the Print Shop program and never had a problem with it. That is until 2.0 came out. The problems are many, first and formost, all the old files that were done with print shop 23 and before cannot be opened with the new version! So if you have a lot of files done with older versions, we have over a thousand, your screwed. We also have always used the newsletter format for our catalogs, but with the new version, you are limited to only 10 pages!! Our current catalog is close to 60! There is no longer a Tsh. file option in the save as. And you must start out with one of their layouts for everything exempt for the sign option!!

Believe me, it is not worth the $50.00 they want for it. So if you use the Print Shop program, stick with 23 or else be willing to waste time and money on something that from the look and feel of it was designed by Morons.:mad:
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