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The New One - Taking off on a T-Shirt venture

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Hello T-Shirt Forum!

My name is Justin and I've joined up to access the wealth of knowledge that it appears I'll have access to on this site. I'm in the US, Nebraska to be exact.

A friend of mine and I are getting ready to launch a venture into the clothing line side of T-Shirts (initially). My buddy is an amazing artist and designer, I am hoping to fill the management and financial void that will allow him to have more creative freedom. We're still developing the product and taking great care to make sure we do this right. We're currently in the stage of developing a solid business plan. Probably won't have too many investors to start off with, but know that we made need some down the line.

We are aiming for a progressive look that remains sophisticated. Our target market will range from 18-34 year-old males (and of course anyone else who wants to buy our T's). We will concentrate primarily on the 24-34 year old range initially with hope that exposure will break us into the younger market. We are currently streamlining this target market for our initial launch so that we can be more efficient with our advertising. With success, we hope to build a strong enough cash position (3 year aim) to aggressively target the younger market. We will also aim to break into the female demographic after we get our name out there. This portion of the business may also wait until our financials allow us to hire or join up with a designer who may be more attuned to female designs. Once a successful foundation is built from the T-shirt line, we hope to break into a wider range of clothes: polos, button-downs, jeans, hats, etc. However, this will only come after we acquire some more education (both business and design) and are able to being producing our own clothing.

Thank you all in advance for your help!!! I'm sure we'll be chatting soon.

aka TreeGod
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Hey Justin, welcome to the forums. Good luck with your new brand!
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