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The new guys

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Hello, everyone, my name is Pat Cisterna, my brother and I are starting a custom t-shirt, mugs, and hats business out of Boston, MA. really excited to find this forum to help me get started!!!!

P.S. Not sure if this forum covers all the things we are going to be doing. by the way, i will have lots of newbie style questions
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Hey I'm new here too but there seems to be some pretty smart folks around here. Good luck on your new business venture
Welcome to the Forum :D
welcome aboard!

do you have any connections with the bruins?
i have a decent third jersey design for them
Hi Pat. Also from the Boston area, well more like Lawrence but in perspective and to others its all Boston lol. Still on this site? Looking to connect for possible idea sharing?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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