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the new guy

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I have been researching this forum all the time and so far I have learned a lot. My process is more learn as you go, but trust me I try do the research before taking the next step. It would be great to have as much knowledge as some of the members here but for the mean time I am willing to learn anything and everything. Currently I am working to put together my line sheets and need to learn the best way to go about this concentrating primarily on t shirt designs. I would appreciate anyone willing to check out my site at www.asoneclothing.com and give me their feedback. Thanks and hello to all.
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Hi J, welcome to the t-shirt forums. :)

You can do a search for "line sheet" and you will find a few recent threads on this topic.

See you around!
Hi J.James, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
Thanks to the both of you I have done the searches and it seems that most of them take me back to the same article and examples, which is very helpful, I am just looking more for something geared toward the printed t. Well I will continue to work on this. I do want to say that there was one post that included a link to a great looking catalog, it was a big help. Thanks again I hope to be here learning the ins and outs as often as I have the time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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