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The Fineprint Chicago critique

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Hey everyone,
I was hoping to get feedback on my new website.
The url is the fineprint.
I am looking for feedback on the actual designs themselves as well as the overall design of the actual site (navigation, etc.)

the fineprint
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I think your site is ok, maybe add more colour to it. If all your T-shirts are limited edition, add this info to the home page.How limited are they 100 ? also is the limited No. on the label ?.
Navagation is very easy.You need to add an address and contact Tel No. I alwasy like to checkout a company before I buy from them. I take it you would like your T-shirts to appear in selected shops, have some information for these possible customers?.
Last thing you need to have more info about shipping costs.

Regards Obeseman

ps. keep going back to the homepage to see that partially dressed young lady, yes I'm a dirty old man.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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