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the endless search, Sol's, gildan, b&c, etc

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Hey there, i'm starting my own brand, streetwear line and i've got all done, 5 panels, design, website, etc. I'm really glad with the results of one year work, but i'm stuck, very stuck in the choice of blank apparel.

My tshirts and produts will be priced according to other streetwear brands, but i can't sell a 30$ tshirt and use gildan material, that's out of the question! The L size is way too big and M size is too slimfit (i'm talking about 5000 and 2000 series)

I want my tshirt with regular fit and extra heavy, because its mainly a skateboard brand and the tshirts need to be strong and well made, so i've contact American Apparel to get an account, but its pending, but to be honest i'm not interest on their tshirts, because they are too fashion for what I want, I Dont like B&C period, Sol's what can I say.. Just not what i'm looking for, but I see people talking about Alstyle apparel, the produts seem nice and well made, but i'm from Europe and from what i can see, they dont ship here.
I saw these ones from AS Colour and the quality seems really great! and they have the regular fit its what i'm looking for, but again they dont ship to Europe, only Australia and NZ...

Guys please help me, what can i do? I'm not just writing this post to seek a magic and quick answer, i've done my research over and over and i can't find suitable t shirts to my project/brand.

Thanks in advance.
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:)The AAA brand from Alstyle seems to be really popular amoung the skateboarders.. I have printed on them in the past and they are good quality and have a nice feel.
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