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The deal of the century

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Deal of the century right here, you can easily take the time to sell parts of this equipment and make some extra cash. I do not have the time I just bought a new house and need cash fast.
For $2500.00 here is what you get
Flash dryer
M&R Economax 2 dryer
2 -16" screen coaters
Dip tank
14- 20"x24" aluminum screens
34 quarts of ink
1 gallon of reducer
1 gallon of Textac
16" pallet tape
Assorted screen cleaning chemicals
block out
Ink scoops
aprox 50 sheets of Fast positives 17"x22"
Located in Warren Michigan 48093


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Can you please post a photo of the equipment and post where it's located.
Price reduced to 2300.00
Still have as of 8/25/2010
1 - 6 of 6 Posts