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The best place to get Accurip & Separation Studio

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I'm really close to pulling the trigger on Accurip and Separation Studio but I can't find it for less than $495 anywhere. I missed the $100 off Ryonet sale but I'm wondering if anyone knows a website or company selling it (and separation studio) at a discount? $495 is murder! Any help would be much appreciated!
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you may want to try out T-seps or UltraSeps...

They are cheaper than separation studio. and plug into photoshop.. which on the one hand sounds cheap. like oh it's just a list of actions in photoshop.. on the other hand.. you probably already know photoshop alright and it is the industry standard for raster images, so it will 10 times out of 10 do a better job where you need to do adjustments to your image before or after doing the separations...

You can download a trial for each program..

T-seps 3 is cool cause it has an awesome interface if you have CS6.. but if you don't you can buy Tseps 3 which comes with Tseps 2... and eventually use Tseps 3 when you upgrade... Down side is Tseps 2 i don't believe has a fleshtone filter.. which is kinda a bummer...

Ultra seps works with any version of photoshop above CS2 i believe... it does not have the CS6 interface which is more graphic and easy to use... but it does a great job AND will do 3 seperations of flesh tones... which is a plus...

Google/ youtube for videos on both. it may be worth your while!

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I'll keep my eyes peeled for you, but I haven't seen any place where you can get both pieces of software for under $1200 right now. I would have suggested to use Filmmaker if you wanted to save a little bit of money on a RIP, but their new V4 is the same price as Accurip now.
Ultra Seps is doing a promotion right now through May 1st for $50.00 off.. $349.00 Total

Promo Code: 349

free trials @ UltraSeps Download Free Trial Version, Color Separate Artwork For T-Shirts
Simple Seps from Advanced Artist also has rip software - less than Accu-Rip- it's a separation software as well
I have an unregistered ready to install copy of AccuRip for sale is anyone is looking for a copy.
i may be interested in your accurip - what are you asking?
Little Bump...

Is your AccuRIP still for sale?
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