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the best place to buy+ screen print toddler shirts?

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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a best place(when it comes to $ and quality) to buy toddler size T-shirts, pants, etc. And to get them screen printed.
Also maybe I could buy shirts at different place and drop of to screen print somewhere else. Does somebody know companies that takes customers supplied shirts with no big number minimums?
Any advice would be very appreciated.
Thank you all:)
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You'll probably save money by having whatever screenprinter you choose buy your garments. Their buying power, because they are buying for a lot of their customers, will be a lot better than yours just starting out.

Decide on what products you want to screen, then pick your screener based, among other things (price, turn around, etc.) on their ability to provide those items at a reasonable price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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