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Here's a few. You can find them for download and additional information at cubecart.org in either the free mod or commercial mod forums.

SEO mod - Costs $8, $25 with installation but makes your URLs Google friendly among other things.

Category Order Mod - Costs but can't remember how much. Not a lot. Allows you to easily reorder how your products are organized among other things.

Quick Edit Product Options - Allows to quickly and easily assign and order the various options of your prodcuts, i.e. color, size, etc. Costs but not a lot.

Clone Product - Free and allows you to create a new product by copying another instead of starting from scratch.

There's tons more, both free and commercial. These are just a few of the ones I've installed or checked out. I'd just browse through those mod forums and see which ones you think you might want. That's what I did.

Also, there's a forum there where you can find people to do mods, install cubecart, etc.
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