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The best A3 DTG printer £3500 can buy

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Have been looking to switch from Transfers into the DTG t-shirt printing business for a while now I can't figure out exactly how though, so if you're kind enough I need your experience/expertise in this business to advise me how to go about this.

Have been running a small home based t-shirt printing business with an average capacity of 20 to 30 t-shirts per a day (8 to 10 hours). Now I decided to switch my method of t-shirt printing to DTG with the same daily t-shirt printing capacity of 20 to 30 t-shirts.

My number one problem at the moment is now deciding which DTG printer to purchase with a budget range of around £3k that can do the business well. A quick search for DTG printers results in a very wide range of products which most of them cost an arm and a leg to purchase hardly worth the investment. And also there are a lot of Chinses branded and unbranded DTG printers up for a sale quite many of them have a reasonable price too. But considering the big risk with most Chinses products is on or below 50% it could be risky undertaking to purchase Chinses DTG printer, but I could be wrong so that's why I'm seeking your advice.

In short, I'm looking for the best A3 DTG printer £3500 can buy...

Thank you
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