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The Beginnings...

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What's up t shirt world...

So here's my story--> I recently got laid off as an aircraft mechanic and decided while looking for another job, why not bring my hobby (drawing), my passion for equality/civil rights issues, walking canvas' (t shirts), and my obsession with entrepreneurship into the forefront of my life.

Next month I will be attending a 3 day screen printing workshop because I have negative experience with anything having to do with the process.

I want to be connected with the t shirts I make like an artist is to their pieces. That's why I decided to take the workshop so I could draw up the art and print them myself.

So there you have it...I am in the infant stages of a company that will display my art on t shirts--it's called LimeBomb.

Although I don't have any of the designs I plan on putting on t-shirts up on the sites below, you can check out the beginnings of what I got:

LimeBomb - Clothing - Spokane, WA | Facebook

I'm pretty sure I can get all my questions answered and new insights into the screen printing process and t shirt business, and of course some inspiration.

So thanks in advance for the help I will receive from this site!

Rock on...

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