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Hi everybody, I'm from Brazil (sorry about my english), I'm buying stuff (DTG, manual press, heat press, ink...), to my t-shirt shop that I'm going to open in my country.
I registered a month ago, or something like that, I was looking for t-shirt articles, and I found the t-shirt forum. When I started to read the forum, I didn't knew nothing about t-shirts, methods to print (now I know almost nothing, lol)... and I saw a post, where the o.p. said here you can find every information about t-shirt industry you will need, and he was right!
Every decision that I made I searched in the forum, about DTG, manual presses, ink, everything... Here in my country you don't find nice informations. The people who know about the T-shirt industry, don't share the information like here. I'm lucky that I can read in english, and can search informations in english.
Every purchase that I made, I said to the seller that I heard about their by the t-shirt forum, and they gave me 5%-10% discount, hehe, great.
I just say thankyou for everybody who write reviews, informations, it's very important, just keeping this!
I hope in the near future I can help with informations too.
See you, good weekend to everybody!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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