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Yesterday afternoon I was asked by the local golf course, to come out today during a tournament and take photos of all the teams and print them on coffee mugs, so they could give the participants a gift. I needed to take the photos today and deliver the mugs tomorrow afternoon. At first they wanted coasters but I didn't have enough hardboard on hand and didn't feel like cutting dozens of them, so I talked them into mugs for a little more money. I knew I had plenty of mugs on hand. About 3:15 yesterday it dawned on me that I was just about out of transfer paper. I almost panicked. I quickly called JP and practically begged them to try and get them on UPS before the end of the day. The branch in Illinois quickly conversed with the folks in Minneapolis and told me, no problem. It's only one day delivery from Minneapolis to here so I knew I lucked out. I got back from the golf course at 2:15 today and there was the UPS truck pulling up to my house.

Thanks Johnson Plastics. you saved the day for me.
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