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Hello everybody --my names Dave and I'm a retired tattoo artist. About a month ago I picked up a heat press and a couple hundred vintage transfers from the seventies for just over $100 at an estate sale. The intention was to sell the transfers on ebay and flip the heat press locally. Wasn't even thinking about using the press or the transfers myself. When I went to take photos for ebay I noticed that the images were dull looking on alot of the transfers and figured I'd probably ought to go ahead and press a few onto cloth to make sure they worked. Wrecked a few of them in the process but when I got it figured I thought "hmmmm....this is kind of cool". Didn't care much for the vintage stuff but it occurred to me that if there was a way to get my own artwork onto a shirt there was some crazy business potential there. At that point I didn't even know you could go to walmart and get transfer paper and just run it through an inkjet printer (clueless).

Long story short -- started surfing vids on youtube and thought my head was going to explode when I started seeing all the different ways of printing tshirts. Then I meandered my way here and have been picking my brains off the ceiling all morning (DIY DTG with an epson 1400 -- you gotta be kidding me -- REALLY??).

This forum is amazing and I think I've found a new home. I look forward to talking with you guys and want to thank you for having me.
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