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I have to say publicly...Thank you to Dave with S&K. I posted a question on this forum a few days ago and he reached out and saved me from a big mess. I was having problems with my first t-shirt dye-sub order. I had called my dealer and tried everything. Nothing was working.
I could not get the paper lines to not imprint on the shirt. I used the foam, changed pressure, torn the edges of the paper, everything they suggested.
Dave suggested I use a bigger sheet of paper that would cover my 16x20 press and hang over the edges. I couldn't print that large, so he printed them for me at a very reasonable price and I am back in business and will be able to fill my customers order. Not only did that take care of the lines, with his printing, I didn't have to use a sheet in between the layers (saving time) or the vapor foam.
From now on I will be going to Dave to get me sub transfers printed. i will stick to making mugs and flip flops with mine.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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