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text sizing

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I just noticed that when doing text and I type in a number and if I go to the property bar and object size and make the height 6 the text disappears from the screen.

If I first try to make it bigger by pulling at the little black squares that surround it and then go type in a new size it works fine.

Now when I change the size of text while still having the text tool as my tool the size will be square.
In otherwords if I make the height 6 inches the width is the same size 6 inches.

If I type in the text and the pick the pick tool when I type in 6 for the height the width is porportional (I assume.) cuz it will be like 4.25 or some size depending on the number.

Is that the way its suppose to work ? I couldn't find any answers online. and why is it different methods to sizing depending on the method used. ?

Corel X4
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The size of your text is in points, the size of your text box is in inches. If the text is too big for your text box then it won't show on screen.
Hey Dave, when I use the box to stretch numbers they stretch horizontally and vertically. When I stretch text it only stretches horizontally. I have the point size to go across the page, but how do I make the text taller to use unused space?
Im not sure if you know or have tried this but i never use a text box when i use corel.. I select the text function, click once on my workspace, then start typing. Maybe this would eliminate some of your text box problems?
Thanks for the input Jeff. I don't use Corel enough. Changed text to curves and stretched it vertically. So simple it hurt!
There's two kinds of text: artistic text and paragraph text. Artistic text is what you get when you click on the screen and start typing. You have much, much greater flexibility with this, such as skewing, shaping, fitting to path, stretching vertically and/or horizontally, etc.

Paragraph text would be best for brochures, etc. where you need text to be constrained to a text box, or "word wrap". (You click and drag a text box to use paragraph text) You generally can't do any "shaping" outside of making your text box wider/narrower (and taller, depending on your Corel settings) and maybe a little more. You can do bulleting, whereas with artistic text you can't, except by manually creating bullets or using special characters.

See attached.


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