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Text Blows out on hoodies

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Hey Guys,
I am trying to print this logo

The issue is that the small text "Oregon Gymnastics Academy" appears great when printed on shirts but blows out on hoodies (zip hoodies to be more specific).

I have tried a 110 mesh and a 280 with plastisol. The 110 pushes to much ink through and the 280 leaves to much ink behind so I have to give it another pass. On the second pass it blows out the ink as well.

I assume a mesh count in the middle is what the doctor ordered but the issue is that I got the majority of them printed by a buddy with the 280 mesh and only need to do 2 more on my own so it doesn't make sense to burn another screen unless absolutely necessary. I used a cheaper ink today. Perhaps using a premium brand such as Union Ink will help?

Thanks in advance all!
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Try your second stroke with no flood. Just pull a small amount in front of the squeegee a fill stroke. Squeegee at about 80 degrees with lighter pressure than the first. Are you flashing between strokes. If not that will help
Agreed. Also, maybe raise your off contact.
make sure you arent using a cheap yudo squeege. i had a round shaped one, and it put way too much ink down and distorted my edges.
Agreed. Also, maybe raise your off contact.
If it prints fine on a t shirt and you are not raising your off contact when switching to the sweatshirts this is most likely your problem
Excellent advice guys, it was a combo of a cheap squeegie and not enough off contact. Thanks so much for your responses.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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