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TexPrint TT questions issues

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I'm setting up TexPrint TT and can't find any time and temp info.

I've successfully used it for blankets and towels that are single sided, when doing full Sub double sided TShirts the paper sticks to itself so bad I have to rip it and pull the shirt out instead of peeling off one side at a time.

For blankets and towels single sided I use 400 for 45-60 sec 60 psi depending on the item.

For shirts I tried 400 and 45 sec 60psi each side with a quick flip in the middle.
Lowered to 375 and 35 sec 50psi each side with a quick flip and colors are dull, black has green tint etc so it needs more heat or time.

Does the TT paper just melt itself together and you have to rip the shirt out?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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