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Hi All

With the help of many kind people on here I got my Texjet DTG up and running and I have been blown away by the shirts it produces,
Lately I noticed that my white ink was starting nicely and fading away the lower the shirt went to be more grey. I was extra careful with pretreat but it still happened. It seemed to resolve with power cleaning so I carried on.

Then the last week or so I noticed I was having to perform a head clean more often to get the results I was used to and up the white from its standard 60% on white and colour split shirts to 90% to get a nice result. So I read up and the advice was to possibly change the apping station/pump cap every 6 months or so, I ordered one from China and its on its way (or maybe its held up longer because of covid and the suez canal)
Yesterday I was cleaning the printer and noticed the capping station was quite dirty so was using a swab and cleaning fluid and noticed a small sliver of something dark as it stuck to the swab - hoping desperately that it wasnt part of the gasket seal from around the edge. I left the capping station well wetted and bedded the print head on its station powering down the machine for the night.
Today I have tried to print a shirt and got a nice consistent white...and not much else no colour to speak of - a slight yellow tinge to the white base in places but not the comic book colours I was hoping for. I tried another power clean and re-printed and same result, tried again and same again. So has my capping station died? Where can I get a replacement before June? Has any kind hearted soul on here got one for sale or even just the top part. Cant have 2 months without my machine its like losing an arm
Thanks in advance

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